Ancestry DNA Test Rating and Buyer's Guide
What is the best DNA test? Check our rating and read in-depth DNA test reviews.

What is the best DNA test kit in 2019?

#1. Ancestry
#2. 23andMe
#3. MyHeritage
#4. FamilyTree
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How to understand yourself better? It is possible through learning your past and present. Scientists called "genealogists" did great work, granting everyone the chance to look in the past and deeper in the present. The only thing you should do is to send your genetic material sample to a DNA test company. Once your test is finished, you will see your family tree, solve health problems, get a diet, prove paternity, etc.

DNA is the key to exploring life. Do you want to explore your life through DNA?

If so, how to take a test? What is the DNA testing price? How does ancestry work? What DNA testing company is the best?

Top 5 best DNA tests
If you have not got enough information from the other ancestry test reviews, continue to read. There are all the answers to your questions, and you will make the final decision after finishing this guide and separate test products reviews.

How to take a DNA test?

If you are reading this, you are serious about taking a DNA test.

But, you should have some other questions on the cost of the test, the process of the genetic samples collecting, etc. And, of course, there is still an issue about what is top rated DNA test company.

We have the remedy for your headache because of this questions.
That is how we define what is the best ancestry DNA test

How to collect the DNA for analysis?

After the payment, the company you ordered a kit from will send you a box.

This box is called home DNA test kit. Usually, it contains the tube for saliva sample, container for it and the barcode.

The barcode is used to register your genetic material on the company's website.

About collecting the material.

There are two variants: saliva sample and cheek swab. Different companies ask to provide different genetic material.

There is no proof what method is better or more accurate.

There are some advantages in collecting process. If a person, who is going to take a test cannot spit in the cup for a reason, it might be better to choose a cheek swab.

All the companies in our rating ask the customers to provide the cheek swabs except from AncestryDNA and 23andMe. These two accept saliva samples.
How to collect the DNA for analysis

What you should do next?

After collecting the genetic material, you should send your home DNA test back to the company you ordered a DNA test from.

How long does it take to wait for report?

From four to ten weeks, depending on the company. But, remember that it can take more time during holidays, because home DNA test kits are ones of the popular gifts.

You will get an e-mail notification once your results are ready.

The companies' reports vary. They may contain the raw genetic data, ethnicity and existing ways to contact your relatives.

How much does a DNA test cost?

The costs are different.

Autosomal DNA testing cost may be from $79 to $99.

It is a rare case to see a company that offers separate Y-DNA tests and mtDNA tests. But, FamilyTree DNA can do these tests for $169-359 and $199 respectively. The cost of the Y-DNA varies because of the number of genes that are used for the research.

All the three tests are available at Gene 2.0 - but only within one bundle. Unfortunately, the results of these two companies may be a bit less accurate than the tests by FamilyTree DNA.

You can order not only ancestry, but health DNA test from 23andMe company. Only ancestry or the two. The separate Health kit is not available.

Health testing kit allows you to find out the carrier factor for the genetic diseases. These diseases may cause risks for you and your future children.

Remember that the shipping cost is not included in the DNA testing cost. Usually the shipping of the DNA test costs is around $10-12.

There are frequent sales, so you can save money if have the time to wait for month or two.

What is the best DNA test service?

All the services that are presented on this page offer the autosomal DNA tests.

All of them are able to give you the complete regional location of your predecessors.

But, all of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here we have five companies, rated accordingly our unbiased opinion about them.

AncestryDNA review

AncestryDNA review
All the Ancestry DNA reviews tell that this is one of the most attractive platforms to order a kit from.

This can be called the leading DNA testing company in the market, if talking about the researches of family trees. The lab of this company has the greatest minds, who are constantly making the contributions to the DNA studying.

AncestryDNA has the biggest database among the other companies. It is the perfect choice for you, if all your family wants to get the DNA reports.

This service can provide you with all the forms of DNA tests - atDNA, mtDNA, Y-DNA. cost of the subscription plan is $99.
Pros and cons of AncestryDNA
More than 6 million members in database
No possibility to order a separate Y-DNA or mtDNA test
Perfect scientific base - the best genealogy testing minds
Customers can close the results and it makes it difficult to find and contact the relatives
Good data security - personal data is connected with the genetic material through random ID
Demands the subscription plan to use the Family Tree
You will get an online family tree and your DNA results will be linked to it
The raw data uploads are not allowed
You should not pay for the subscription if you want only to take the DNA test. However, if you want to use all the company's services, you may buy the subscription plan.

The subscription plans of cost $20-45 per month. The price depends on the plan that you choose.

Such a subscription will provide you with their Family Tree service and will give you the possibility to see the trees of your relatives.

You may try the service for free with the free 14 day trial.

23andMe review

23andme review
This company can be called the youngest one, but not the last in our rating. This is one of the most popular DNA testing service, and it takes the high position because of its undeniable pros.

23andme reviews vary, but all of them have in common one thing: this is the only company here that offers the Health DNA tests. Additionally, you may order the two tests from them - both, Ancestry and Health ones.

The prices of the kits are $99 and $199 respectively.
Pros and cons of 23andMe
Great database
Smaller genealogical community, if comparing to other companies
Health DNA test kit
You will not be able to upload the raw DNA data
Has the browser that allows to compare the results of the family members
No separate Health test, only in the bundle

MyHeritage DNA review

MyHeritage DNA review
More than 90 million users, years of successful experience and researches, huge database - these features make the MyHeritage company one of the most popular in the world.

It used to be a genealogical website, where people tried to find their relatives with the Family Tree service. But, MyHeritage did not want to sit at a place silently.

The founders have started the My Heritage testing activity recently but this activity is still pretty successful. MyHeritage DNA reviews have market the service the company provides with the high ranks.

So did we.

The test from this service will cost you $99.
Pros and cons of MyHeritage DNA
Your DNA results will be linked you the Family Tree
Smaller database than in the other services. Grows rapidly
The possibility to contact the matches
The administration allows to upload the raw DNA data
Has more than 40 regions in their geographic base

FamilyTreeDNA review

FamilyTreeDNA review
Family tree DNA company has been helping revealing ancestry since 2000. Then, the service provided the clients with the highly detailed Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. After 2010 there came their atDNA tests.

FamilyTree genealogists community is very close and big. The laboratory workers of this company often visit the meetings dedicated to the DNA researches, so their scientific base is developing.

This service is the one that will provide you with all the test types and will do this quickly and professionally.

If you want to share your raw data that you have got from the other websites, you can do this for free.

The Family Tree DNA services' cost is $79 for atDNA, $169 for Y-DNA and $199 for mtDNA.
Pros and cons of FamilyTreeDNA
Only one company on the market that provides the three test types separately
Smaller database if comparing with Ancestry or 23andMe
Minimum 25-years storage of data
No Health test kit
Professional genealogists and targeted DNA projects
You can send e-mails to the matching profiles
Raw data uploading is allowed

So, what is the best DNA test service for you?

If you still do not have a certain answer to this question, we would like to give some recommendations.

If you want to take an ancestry or ethnicity test, we would like to mark AncestryDNA.

Is it worth your money and time?

Finally, the last question you should answer is:

Is it for you?

Is it worth attention and price?


If you see the research as a hobby, you can take one of the best DNA ancestry tests to look inside of your body, soul, past, and present.

There are genealogists, who would like to grow professionally or understands the importance of such tests. If you are one of them - it is vitally important to take a test, literally.

The cost of the DNA testing is affordable. The usefulness is priceless.

We highly recommend to get this experience and learn more about your origin.
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