Basic Equipment you Need for Video Production

With the popularity of Youtube and Tiktok and other video streaming apps, everybody seemed to have their own set up for video production these days. You can be surprised on how much these content creators invest on their equipment even when they are at home. It is also very fortunate that these days, all these video production singapore equipment are available online and can be easily ordered then delivered at your doorstep. With all of these things available to you, you can make a good quality video, in the comfort of your own home.

What are the basic equipment that you need for video production if you are planning to be a content creator?

Of course, you must have something that you can shoot on. If you are just starting, you can use the camera of your phone. Many phones these days can already produce a good quality video so you don’t have to go and buy a camera immediately. With good lighting and editing, you can produce a good quality content with your smart phone.

But if you have a budget, then you can invest on a good camera. You can search online on what model or brands will work for you. Research also what are the specs needed best for taking videos. It is always better to be informed before buying, rather than spending your money in to gadgets that are not worth it.

Lighting can have a great effect on your videos. This can create a mood and dramatic effects on your video. If your content for example is about make up, or you are mostly talking in front of the camera, it is always better to have a good lighting focused on your face. This will greatly improve on how you look in the camera.
For starters, there are a lot of ring lights available online. You can start with this. This already can improve the quality of your video. If you are shooting with your smart phone, these ring lights can help so that your video output are clear and crisp.

Of course, you have to have a good sound when you are producing a video. You cannot have a video that has a good lighting but no one can understand what you are saying. If you are doing vlogs, or videos that are more dynamic, there are wireless lapel available online that can help you with the sound of your videos. Especially if you are outside, there would be a lot of noises in the environment that you don’t want to include in your video.

Microphone with noise cancelling feature or a wireless lapel can help you so that the focus of the video is the dialogue of the subject and not the noise in the environment. If you are worried that you are only using your smart phone, lapels that are available online are also compatible with phones. So this should not be a problem.

Overall, the main thing that you need is a good concept first. Quality is not only in the equipment but also on the content. If you have a good content, you can just get creative and you will produce a good video.