Career Advice for the Unemployed in Singapore

Since the 1990s, Singapore’s unemployment rate has remained at a comparatively low level. However, with the recent global economic challenges, there is a fear that thiis will lead to an increase of long-term unemployed people. Unemployed persons in Singapore face various barriers when looking for new jobs. Some of these barriers are: lack of good qualifications, lack of experience, and an over-supply of labor as well as late start searching for jobs.

Here are some tips and career advice for the unemployed in Singapore as they look for new and better opportunities.

Learn New Skills While Looking for a New Job
What is new about this approach is that it acknowledges the reality of the market. In a world of constant change, there are always new skills that you need to learn in order to stay relevant. So, instead of waiting for the opportunity to come your way and then trying to figure out how you can fit in, just go ahead and take initiative. Simply find something related to your old job or an entirely different field and start learning about it now.

Look to Mentors and Coaches for Advice on Job Opportunities
Mentors and coaches are an excellent resource for unemployed workers who need to find a new job. Mentors and coaches can help unemployed workers to not only find new jobs but also discover what their career goals are. They can provide guidance on how to conduct your job search, properly interview for a new position, and they can help you with figuring out what you want to do in the future.

Build your Network of People and Resources
Networking is important for unemployed people and an important skill any person should have. There are many ways for people to network and find potential jobs and employers. Networking events are often used to find job opportunities, but networking can also be done online such as through LinkedIn or Twitter.

Save Money More Efficiently
A major problem for unemployed people is the lack of cash flow during the job search process. They are not getting their monthly salaries and they have to pay for their expenses without any income coming in. In the long run, this can lead to financial trouble. That’s why they should find ways to save money even when they are looking for new jobs. Some ways they can do this are by avoiding expensive restaurants and eating out too often, learning how to cook simple meals and reducing monthly expenses by opting for cheaper alternatives.

Do Not Be Shy to Ask For Help from Relatives and Friends
In times of unemployment, it is important to remain calm and patient as you search for new work opportunities. Remember that you are not alone; many people find themselves in similar situations when they become unemployed. As such, don’t hesitate to ask your family, friends, or relatives if they can help you find employment or provide necessary advice and support.

And there you have it, some insightful tips to keep you going while you search for the next best job opportunities. One notable resource you should definitely check out is e2i, for all the best career advice for the unemployed in Singapore.