Basic Equipment you Need for Video Production

With the popularity of Youtube and Tiktok and other video streaming apps, everybody seemed to have their own set up for video production these days. You can be surprised on how much these content creators invest on their equipment even when they are at home. It is also very fortunate that these days, all these […]

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Things to Do Before You Hire a Software Company in Singapore

Are you worried that your monetary and time investments will go to waste if you choose the wrong software company Singapore has to offer? There are now hundreds of custom software companies in the country that are all trying to vie for your business, with dramatically different work ethics and credentials. Indeed, it can be […]

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Great Virtual Team Building Games

In 2015, experts had commented about the emergence of virtual offices and teams. Today, the immediate occurrence of the corona pandemic had disrupted the normal function of our lives. Businesses shifted online that changed the way traditional offices worked. Even though offices have reopened, a remote workforce has become the new norm of the office […]

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