Effective Way to Show Yourself Gratitude

One of the aspects of being successful is to constantly show yourself gratitude for whatever amount of achievement you have received, regardless of whether the achievement is small or big. You can do that by rewarding yourself with gifts that you can obtain when you do clothes, electronics or even abaya online shopping on ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, and https://hijabdressup.com/. Another effective is the gratitude interview, which is simply an interview that someone does with you to show yourself gratitude.

The benefits of this method include utilising interaction to clearly express your appreciation, helping you to effectively identify what you are appreciative about yourself, and identifying vividly the people and things that you are appreciative about, from the best clothes you bought to the hijab fashion look you are spotting now. In addition, you will be able to bring out the intense feeling of joy and happiness inside you, and enable you to be more receptive towards gratitude on a whole.

Here are the steps to go about performing the interview:

1) Think of someone you know and feel will be willing to interview you. The person can be a family member or a friend but please avoid thinking of a complete stranger or someone out of reach. Please also avoid someone who is negative and who will put you down when you try this method.

2) Ask the person whom you have thought about to “interview” you.

3) Write down a detailed list of questions about why you feel grateful in your life (you can refer to a sample below) that the person can ask you during the interview.

4) Answer and respond with as much enthusiasm and excitement and with full of zest as you show your appreciation to each question being asked.

5) At the end of the “interview”, stand up, shake the interviewer’s hand and show your gratitude by thanking her for giving you this “interview”.

These are some recommended sample questions that you can prepare for your “interviewer”. Feel free to come up with as many of your own as you probably can:

  • Good day, {your name}. Tell me more about yourself – your family, friends, job, home, hobbies, likes, etc.
  • What do you truly, deeply and absolutely love about your family right now? Why do you truly, deeply and absolutely love your family right now?
  • How would you truly, deeply and absolutely show your love and appreciation for your family?
  • Who are the friends that you really appreciate in your life? What have they done or have been doing that make you really appreciate them?
  • How can you totally shower your friends that you really appreciate with gratitude?
  • What do you enjoy about your job? What do you look forward to when you do your job everyday? Who are the people that make you very excited about your job?
  • What do you truly appreciate about your home? What part of your home brings you joy and happiness? Who are the people in your life that bring you joy and happiness?
  • Explain clearly and specifically to me why you are so happy, excited, thrilled and exuberant right this moment.
  • Explain clearly and specifically to me what financial situations you feel grateful for at this time.
  • What makes you truly, completely and totally peaceful, calm and compose during your entire day? What would you do to ensure that you can attract this situation of being truly, completely and totally peaceful, calm and compose the entire day?