Why Going to a Muslim Friendly City for your Next Trip will be Good for your Health

You are probably planning your next holiday destination to visit during summer or the holiday season at the end of the year. Muslim friendly cities is a possible option you can consider. Whether it is to find brilliant halal food in Singapore, rave Muslim friendly restaurants in London or even phenomenal halal treats in New York, Muslim friendly cities have it all. But ultimately, you should actually visit Muslim friendly cities for your next trip as it will be good for your health, and this will be explained in the rest of the article.

Muslims in general are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages, pork and anything that is non-Halal. If you visit a Muslim majority city or one that is Muslim friendly, these cities will definitely cater for these aspects.

Pork, derived from swine, is known to contain tapeworm. Tapeworm is a parasite that can infect the digestive tract when ingested. The tapeworm larva can grow into a full blown adult of up to 17 meters long while in the digestive tract. Tapeworms can cause irritation or mild inflammation if they remain in the human body. Apart from carrying tapeworms, swine in general are unhygienic, can spread diseases, and consuming pork may make a person susceptible to diseases and infection. And notwithstanding, pork meat is also high in fat content and cholesterol. This is not good for the arteries, heart, blood pressure and blood circulation in general.

The next thing Muslims in general are prohibited to consume is alcoholic beverages. Scientific studies have shown that alcohol intoxicates a person if consumed in large amounts. People who get drunk from consuming too much alcohol will lose their bearings, have slurred speech and be unaware of their actions. In addition, long term addiction and consumption of alcoholic beverages may cause serious problems like liver damage, cirrhosis, inflammation and worse case, cancer. While there are certain benefits of consuming wine for the heart, the detrimental effects of alcohol far outweigh its benefits.

Now that you are aware about why visiting Muslim friendly cities is good for you, how do you start to find the best Muslim friendly and Halal destinations to visit? One of the easiest ways is to look through online Halal guides. Online Halal guides will curate up to date and very relevant information on the latest Halal and Muslim friendly cities. You can find out information about the best hotels, eateries, attractions, activities and places of worship, specially for Muslims. One popular online Halal guide that you definitely must check out is HalalGo.com. HalalGo is a must go online guide for Muslim conscious travellers. It has information on almost everything from excellent halal food in Bangkok, best halal hotel singapore has to offer, good halal food in Tokyo, to even great halal food in Hong Kong. In addition, you can even book some of these Muslim friendly and Halal amenities online via HalalGo before you actually make your visit to the respective city. So, the next time you are planning your overseas trip and wondering where you should go which is good for you and your health, then look no further than a Muslim friendly city.