Great Virtual Team Building Games

In 2015, experts had commented about the emergence of virtual offices and teams. Today, the immediate occurrence of the corona pandemic had disrupted the normal function of our lives. Businesses shifted online that changed the way traditional offices worked. Even though offices have reopened, a remote workforce has become the new norm of the office routines. Few employees attend office, while others are working from home.

Importance of Virtual Team Building Games
Not many of the virtual team managers care about building a team online. They opine that virtual workers would not be interested in knowing each other. This is not true when it comes to realizing the benefits of collaboration and effective delegation.

If you are a manager, trying to get a virtual team together would be a difficult task for you. There are many virtual managers who are trying to bring enthusiasm and energies to the virtual working platform. One great way is by having virtual team building games. The following are some of the most creative and innovative virtual team building games that will assist you in building a team virtually.

What Are Your Favorite Things?
You might remember that our first questions in high school were, “what is your favorite this or that?” Asking questions regarding team members’ favorite movies, songs, food, movie actors or other topics will break the ice. It will give a chance for every employee to connect with others. To perform this activity, you should talk about the “Favorite remote working tip”. Having asked, you should give others a chance to communicate and discuss. We are sure that your team will have a good discussion on the struggling topic.

Birth Map
Since you have a virtual team to manage, you have to arrange virtual tasks. This is one of the most effective things to do. To perform this task, you can create a collaborative map. Then, invite everyone on the platform to add a sticker to the place they were born into. Besides revealing your birthplace, you should also ask everyone to add an interesting story. This will spice up the virtual team building game a bit.

A Specific Chat Box for the Team
People become reluctant about sharing quotes, videos, or memes. As a manager, you should dedicate a chat box for your team to remain connected. Managers should set an example by posting funny memes and videos. So, dedicate a chat space and build the most effective team.

Virtual Group Game
This is the most fascinating game that many people will appreciate in the team. Always ask your team members about the favorite game and then decide upon a game through a democratic vote. Thus, everyone will be able to enjoy a game of preference.

Sharing Pictures
You can allow your teammates to share a picture of their workspace, coffee, or weather. Sharing pictures is the most common way of bonding with teammates. Sharing pictures can also be turned into a guessing game. All of the employees can put in effort to guess the blurry object.