Importance of DNA Testing

There have been many situations where DNA testing is very important. DNA testing has the potential of exonerating innocent people, and proving paternity and family relations. Here, we will illustrate two past cases where DNA testing could have played an integral role in various people’s lives.

Case 1
Are we about to execute another innocent man? On 11th March 2012 down in Alabama, questions are swirling around Thomas Arthur, a man convicted of murder three decades ago, who is set to be executed in March. Since his conviction, a key witness has recanted her testimony, another man has admitted to the murders, and Arthur’s lawyers are calling for DNA tests that could prove their client is innocent. Unfortunately, the state isn’t budging and is moving forward with the execution, regardless of whether or not DNA testing might exonerate Arthur.

Case 2
It’s not easy being a single teen mom, but in 2008, 19 year old Casie had to raise TRIPLETS… alone! Casie says she believes a man named Casey is the father of her three kids, but Casey’s new fiancee, Rachel, says she won’t let Casie ruin their new life together! Is Casey the dad? Only the DNA will tell!

Herein lies the importance of pushing for DNA testing, especially when it involves matters of life and death, and family relations. DNA testing also has other important benefits. Firstly, it can provide a sense of fulfilment from doubt regarding crime suspects and paternity tests. Secondly, it reduces the risk of malignant tumours by enabling people to make particular changes to their lifestyle once they have a positive result. Thirdly, it provides in-depth knowledge about a person’s health, potential diet and his/her risk of cancer. And not withstanding, it gives vital knowledge that enable people to make informed lifestyle and medical decisions.

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