Ways to Save On Food Commodities and Eat Healthily

Food is something that virtually every human being cannot live without. However, some people take their food craving desires to nearly absurd levels, and are willing to splurge large amounts of money to satisfy their cravings. Now, don’t get us wrong, while we advocate the importance of saving money for a rainy day, food commodities are one area whereby money has to be spent. The best thing to do is to avoid paying for more food than you need, while at the same time try to eat healthily. With that said, let’s explore some of the ways to save on food commodities and eat healthily.

Eat Home-Made Food
As frequently as possible, avoid eating out or ordering in deliveries. There is no doubt that home-made foods are cheaper and healthier. With home-made food, you can choose healthier ingredients like lean meat and wholegrains, vary the amount of oil and seasonings you add, yet still maintain the tastiness of the dish for your meals.

Ensure that your Utensils are Reusable
Wherever possible, use non-disposable utensils and receptacles when you are having your meals. This can include using reusable stainless steel forks and spoons and ceramic or glass plates, as compared to non-biodegradable plastic utensils. In this way, you do not have to constantly purchase new utensils, you can save more in the long run, and at the same time, you can also protect the environment.

Pre-packed Lunch
Bring your own pre-packed healthy lunch from home if you’re working outside. But if you really need to eat outside, then go for healthier options, and if possible, avoid fast-food at all costs as they are rather overpriced and extremely unhealthy.

Know Thyself
It is extremely vital that you understand your body’s capacity, and exactly what it needs. Some people can survive with just two meals per day, whereas some others may need five meals a day. Some just need a small bowl of rice to feel full, but others may find 3 bowls to be insufficient. Always determine your body’s threshold and avoid excess food. And whichever category you fall under, you should always strive to provide the best and healthiest food options for the well-being of your body.

Be Complexed But Not Complicated
Eat more complex-carbohydrates like full grains, nuts and legumes. They take time to be digested, and can leave you feeling full throughout the day. Eat less of simple carbohydrate foods such as sweets or rice. They are easily digested into glucose and quickly converted to storage form, thus leaving you feeling hungry pretty fast.

Obey the 20/20 Rule
Prepare 20% less food than you think you need, and finish it up. You should be feeling pretty hungry still, but then wait for about twenty minutes before you decide on getting the second serving. Your body takes roughly 20 minutes to deliver sufficient digested food glucose to your bloodstream. Before that, your body will think that it is still glucose deficient and prompt you to eat.

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