What to Do When You’re Unemployed in Singapore and Need Career Advice

For the past decade, Singapore faced a period of economic growth with low unemployment. However, there are still some groups that are more likely to experience unemployment than others. For example, people aged 45 to 64 were at a higher risk of becoming unemployed in comparison to people aged 25 to 44 years old and those aged below 25 years old. This is because those in the older group typically have worse skillsets and less experience than people in younger age groups due to poor education or not being able to update themselves with the latest trends in technology or business practices.

Unemployment is not really a major issue in Singapore, nonetheless it needs to be dealt with quickly. Let’s look at what you can do when you’re unemployed in Singapore and need career advice https://bestdnatest.org/career-advice-for-the-unemployed-in-singapore/.

Pick Up New Skills and Keep Up with Times
One major issue with this is that currently, there are a lot of unemployed people who are not trained or qualified for these better jobs. However, there are ways in which they can prepare themselves financially as well as mentally for when that time does come to upgrade themselves. One way to do this is to learn new skills while they are looking for a job and keep up with technological advancements that may come with age.

Get Professional Guidance from Mentors
Mentors or coaches play an important role in guiding the person back into the workforce by providing advice on what skills they need to develop. They also serve as motivation during tough times by providing encouragement and reminding them about their strengths. A mentor or coach can be a powerful tool for helping someone find his or her passions, build
self-confidence, and develop a plan for the future.

Conserve Money Wherever Possible
Saving money can be difficult with the high cost of living in Singapore. Some people may even choose to live paycheck to paycheck, not thinking about their future. It isn’t healthy but it’s a reality for many. It is made worse when you are unemployed and don’t have a stable monthly paycheck to rely on. As such, people who are unemployed need to find ways to save money. First, they should not be too quick to spend money on anything. They should also try to live in a cheaper place and drive less. Finally, they can cut down on their food budget by eating out less, and learning how to cook their own home cooked meals.

Get Support from Family and Friends
Many people become unemployed due to a layoff or a reduction in workforce. They are often left with high bills and no income to cover them. It is important for people in this position to know that they will not be alone in their search for new employment. They should be open to support from family and friends while they are looking for a job. Support from family and friends is often the most important factor in finding success in a new job.

Sign Up for and Go to Conferences and Job Fairs
Job fairs and conferences are a great way to network with professionals in your industry. They are a safe place for both employers and employees to meet each other, learn about different opportunities, as well as for employees to get acquainted with new careers. You will also have access to many resources at these events that may be useful for you later on down the line.