What Is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is a method in which companies reach out to their employees, clients, prospects, or customers through presenting gifts. The corporate gift can be a physical item, an edible treat, swag piece or the clothing item, office supplies, laptop, funny mugs, or so much more. A corporate gift can also be given in the form of a non-physical gift. E-Card, traveling tickets, or concert tickets are perfect examples of non-physical gifts.

Why Do Companies Gift the Clients, Employees, or Others?
Receiving a personal gift is a very impactful experience. It has a great psychological effect on others. The gift forges a connection between the giver and the taker. It brings about the positive vibes between the person and the brand. Companies and the brand marketers have essentially depended on the gifting so as to improve the relationships with the existing and prospective clients. Then, the gift receivers show tremendous appreciation towards the business. Corporate gifting is an effective part of the productivity improvement strategy and customer satisfaction strategy.

When To Award Corporate Gifts?
Companies present corporate gifts so as to satisfy clients, employees, stakeholders, and customers. These gifts are sent to the honorable people in the following events.

Personal Events
Corporate gifts are presented when the revered person is about to attend an awaited personal event such as welcoming new members of a company, completion of a certificate program, shifting to a new office, or other achievements. Receiving a gift in such circumstances has its own psychological impact that makes the person indebted to the company.

Events of a Company
Many events occur in a company such as milestone years, years of service, training programs, recognition ceremonies, special seminars, and other events. Many employees, stakeholders, and customers are given corporate gifts during these events.

Recognition for High Performance
When somebody has performed outstandingly well, she or he is given a special recognition award and corporate gifts by the hands of the boss. This boosts the employees to work and achieve the milestone. Thus, companies devise corporate gift strategies and encourage everyone to perform better to receive more of such gifts.

Should Corporate Gifts Be a Part of Email Marketing?
This is an important question that has made many companies include corporate gifts in email marketing. Email marketing does not fail due to a great many reasons. Some of the compelling reasons are given below

  • 81% of people check their email with great prudence and wisdom. Nobody discards an email without giving it a read.
  • 75% of people concentrate upon the email which has been sent directly to them. This is so because people cannot ignore something that is addressed to them.
  • 79% of people read their notifications through emails. So, it becomes likely that customers /employees will reach the corporate gift email and spring in happiness.
  • Direct email results in the 27% increase in sales of the brands by going to the website through email.

Corporate gifts – whether small or big – bring a smile on the face of the receivers. It increases their confidence in their company. It is also an effective manner of increasing the leads, sales, and revenue of the business.